Friday, March 8, 2013

Catholics can "adopt a cardinal," support him with prayer

Father Federico Lombardi, SJ: There is a movement of prayer with the help of a website.
A screen capture of the "Adopt a Cardinal" website.
In light of the announcement of the papal conclave, a new initiative provides prayer for cardinals and, quite possibly, the next Pope:

Jugend 2000 (Youth 2000), an international Catholic youth movement that was founded in 1990 after John Paul II visited Santiago de Compostela in 1989, has crafted an innovative way to involve Catholics in praying for the cardinals involved in the process of electing the new Pope.

They have sponsored a web page- which you are assigned a particular cardinal (randomly) to pray for before the conclave, during the conclave, and for three days after the election.
You can read the rest of the story here and adopt your very own cardinal at this link.

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