Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Catholics accept medals for contribution to Canada

Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medals awarded to local parishioners
Tomas Avendano, Cely Fortaleza, Amy Sundberg, Minister Jason Kenney,
Analyn Perez, and Marissa Pena at the award ceremony Feb. 9. Avendano, who was
one of the first 60 Canadians to receive the award, helped Kenney present the Queen's
medals to these four women. (Photo: Christian Cunanan / Special to The B.C. Catholic)
Over the last year, the governor general has awarded 60,000 Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medals to Canadians in recognition of their contributions to our country. Among them were Vancouver Catholics Araceli "Cely" Fortaleza, Amy Sundberg, Analyn Perez, and Marissa Pena.
Amy Sundberg was humbled by the announcement that she had been chosen for the award. Her contribution to the community is largely behind the scenes.

As a Community Relations Organizer, she helps immigrants integrate into the culture. "I encourage them to realize there is so much they can bring to their adopted communities," said Sundberg. She added that she motivates "them to start taking leadership positions."

She also mentors future political leaders and is very involved in Vancouver's Filipino community. Sundberg said she dedicates her medal to the memory of her husband, who was her source of encouragement.

"I'm so used to doing things behind the scenes and pushing other people to the front," Sundberg said, "but sometimes I get in situations where I also have to be in the front."
For the full story, see The B.C. Catholic website.

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