Friday, February 1, 2013

Church a 'drive through' for young people

Consumer culture impedes youth ministry
Michael Hryniuk encouraged anxious youth ministers to "be not afraid"
when it comes to leading their young people. (Photo: James Buchok)
Youth leaders find it increasingly difficult to reach young people. They feel they have to compete, produce, and perform to catch their attention. Michael Hryniuk, a consultant in ministry development, explains the reasons why.
Youth ministers are working under a weight of anxiety, much of it of their own making, says Michael Hryniuk, a Canadian Catholic theologian and consultant in ministry development, but most of it is due to a dominant culture that worships efficiency, productivity, and achievement.

“Those three words are not in the Bible,” said Hryniuk, speaking at the 25th Western Canadian Association of Catholic Youth Ministers conference, Jan. 17-20 in Winnipeg, with about 65 youth and young adult ministers in attendance from across the west.

“How do we move from a place of anxiety and ‘busyness,’ from adrenalin-based youth ministry,” he asked, adding that it reminds him of the 1970s, when youth ministry was high voltage and entertainment driven and people were burning out. “There was a sense we had to be performing and producing. Is this what God is asking us to do -- pizza nights? Are we activity directors?”
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