Monday, February 4, 2013

Cardinal gives three keys to wisdom

Effort requires conscience, prudence, and concern for the common good
Cardinal Thomas Collins encouraged a dinner reception
to be as humble as hobbits. (Photo: The B.C. Catholic)
Wise decision-making has three key ingredients, according to Cardinal Thomas Collins of Toronto. The cardinal told a Vancouver dinner reception that wisdom requires conscience, prudence, and concern for the common good.
Cardinal Collins said the secret of a happy life was putting oneself third. "God is first, my neighbour is second, and I am third."

"Happiness always comes in the back door, and creeps up on us while we are serving others; if we seek to find happiness by pushing ahead our own agenda, forgetful of others, we will be disappointed."

The cardinal strongly recommended spiritual direction for examining one's motives. He said a humble, honest look at one's own heart is the surest way to make sure one's intentions are selfless. "Humility is the lifeline," he said.
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