Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Retired prelate recalls spirituality of Vatican II

 Bishop Remi De Roo discusses the 'priesthood of all the baptized'

Norma Wieland (left), Newman Assoc. president, with retired Bishop Remi De Roo in St. Mark's Church Dec. 2.
Former Bishop Remi De Roo of Victoria spoke to 50 onlookers in St. Mark's Church on the topic of spirituality. He participated in the Second Vatican Council (1962-5).
He touched on Catholic-Protestant relations, saying many Catholics used to boast that "we put the Bible together," or that "our liturgy is taken out of the Bible." 
However Catholics, although they constantly read from the Bible at Mass, tend to get less encouragement to read it at home than Protestants do, he claimed. 
"Revelation is not just a book. Revelation is a person: the person of Christ," he said.
The Council emphasized the priesthood of all the baptized, he explained. Each baptized Catholic has a prophetic and teaching role, "since they're called to spread the Gospel," and a kingly role "in terms of leadership."
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