Thursday, January 31, 2013

Pornography epidemic

Mountains of clinical evidence: 'Yes, it is an addiction'
Jake Khym, an Abbotsford counsellor, helps people with
pornography addictions. (Photo:
Last week, we posted Nathan Rumohr's article on pornography's destructive effect on marriages. Here's the second half of his article, which deals with the addiction and Church stigma.
"Men become imprisoned within a process that they find themselves unable to escape from," said Abbotsford counsellor Peter White. "These desires become heightened, and this isn't something we see plateau; it's something we see increasing."

According to Dr. Randall F. Hyde and Mark B. Kastleman, pornography is indeed an addiction. The pair authored a white paper that explains how pornography addicts have similar actions to those of addicts of drugs or alcohol.

"The mountains of clinical data and visual evidence as millions continue their out-of-control porn use despite the consequences of divorce, loss of employment, destroyed reputations, prison time, etc., shouts the obvious: "Yes, pornography is addictive!" they wrote in the paper, "Is Pornography a 'Drug Addiction?'"
Read the full story at The B.C. Catholic website.

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