Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Jesus answers a winning prayer

Archdiocesan employee donates 50 / 50 winnings to struggling family

Maureen Donegan
Want to win a contest? Then pray, but promise God that you will use the winnings for good. That's what Maureen Donegan did before entering her name in the 50 / 50 draw during the John Paul II Pastoral Centre Christmas party Dec. 20.

"I had been talking to someone who really needed help this Christmas," the prison ministry coordinator wrote in an email shared with the employees of the centre. "I just didn't know where I would find the money to help her and her family."

She said when she bought the 50-50 ticket she asked Jesus if he could let her win the $250 prize so she could donate it to the family. The rest is history.

"There is going to be such a happy family," she said. "God is so good!"

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