Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Man completes a real Noah's Ark

Johan Huibers's replica ready after 20 years
Dutch Builder Johan Huibers poses in front his exact replica of Noah's Ark.
Photo by Peter Dejong / AP.
If God decides to flood the world again Johan Huibers will be prepared. The Associated Press reports the Christian Dutchman recently completed an exact replica of Noah's Ark as described in Genesis chapters six through nine:
Translating to modern measurements, Huibers came up with a vessel that works out to a whopping 427 feet (130 meters) long, 95 feet (29 meters) across and 75 feet (23 meters) high, perhaps not big enough to fit every species on earth, two by two, as described in the Bible, but plenty of space, for instance, for a pair of elephants to dance a tango.

Johan's Ark towers across the flat Dutch landscape from where it lies moored in the city of Dordrecht, just south of Rotterdam
It is easily visible from a nearby highway.

Gazing across the ark's main hold, a huge space of stalls supported by a forest of pine trees, visitors gaze upon an array of stuffed and plastic animals, such as buffalo, zebra, gorillas, lions, tigers, bears; you name it. Elsewhere on the ark is a petting zoo with actual live animals that are less dangerous or easier to care for, such as ponies, dogs, sheep, and rabbits, and an impressive aviary of exotic birds.

"This boat – it's amazing," said Alfred Jongile, visiting from South Africa with his Dutch wife.
For Huibers, a builder by trade, it all began with a nightmare he had in 1992, when the low-lying Netherlands was flooded, as it has been many times throughout its history.
Read the full story here. And click here to view a slideshow of the modern ark.

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