Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Catholic Civil Rights League changes CBC contest

Radio One's "Day 6" producers listen to complaints

CBC's "Day 6", a blend of comedy and news, is hosted by Brent Bambury.
(Photo credit: CBC Radio One) 
The Catholic Civil Rights League, (CCRL), the only lay organization dedicated exclusively to fighting against defamation of the Church, has scored a victory against the CBC's radio program, "Day 6."

As detailed on the CCRL's website:
"Day 6" hosted a contest called “Deep Sixed” in which listeners could vote for or against the elimination of several things, including the Catholic Church, maple syrup, etc. 
This was obviously intended as a joke, but we challenged why they would include the Church in a satirical contest of this kind. 
We encouraged our members to contact them about this bizarre choice, and suggested that "CBC funding" might be a better option!
"Day 6" producers decided to remove the Church from the contest. Economic problems were chosen as the replacement on the "Deep Sixed" ballot.

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