Thursday, November 15, 2012

U.S. bishops stand firm despite challenges

American shepherds say they are not changing strategy in defending life, family, and religious freedom
Archbishop William E. Lori of Baltimore updates U.S. bishops on the USCCB
efforts to defend religious liberty. He addressed the bishops at their
annual fall meeting in Baltimore Nov. 12. Nancy Phelan Wiechec / CNS.
Rachel Zoll of The Associated Press reports that despite the re-election of U.S. President Barack Obama and several states voting for so-called same-sex marriage, U.S. bishops will continue to fight for life, family, and religious freedom:
A subdued U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops acknowledged Nov. 12 that voters rejected the stands they took against "gay marriage" and birth control, but gave no sign they would change their strategy.
"Same-sex marriage" supporters made a four-state sweep of U.S. ballot measures last week, despite intensive advocacy by Catholic bishops in favour of traditional marriage. Bishops also spoke out sharply against President Barack Obama's mandate that most employers provide health insurance that covers artificial contraception. Critics accused the bishops of going so far that they appeared to be backing Republican Mitt Romney.
The bishops insist their complaints were not partisan. Still, they now must face four more years with a U.S. president that many bishops characterized as a threat to the Church.
"We've always maintained our openness to dialogue, and that will continue," said Baltimore Archbishop William Lori, who leads the bishops' committee on religious liberty. "As this evolves, as rule-making gets a little more clear, then our range of options will be clearer."
None of the bishops who spoke Monday directly mentioned Obama. Archbishop Lori only noted that "the political landscape is the same." The bishops instead reviewed plans they developed well before election day to expand outreach to Latino Catholics on traditional marriage and organize events on the importance of religious freedom.
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