Monday, October 1, 2012

MP condemns sex-selective abortion

Mark Warawa pushes to have sex-selective abortion made illegal

Conservative MP Mark Warawa
Conservative MP Mark Warawa recently introduced Motion 408 to Parliament, calling to have sex-selective abortion made illegal for Canadian women.

After the defeat of Motion 312 the day prior, a proposal that sought to redefine the moment a fetus becomes a human being, Warawa took a stand against the prevalence of female-feticide in Canada. In a statement released on Friday he noted, “92% of Canadians believe sex-selective pregnancy termination should be illegal.”

Mike Schouten, director for,  supports the need for the criminalization of sex-selective abortion. "(It) violates the high standard of human rights Canada is known for upholding and it’s appropriate for Parliamentarians to condemn this misogynistic practice." is a Langley-based organization that advocates the need for some form of gestational legislation regarding abortion.

Schouten added that many studies have been conducted on the prevalence of this practice. Some studies have shown that it is more common with some immigrant communities.

“The Canadian Medical Association found that many more boys than girls are being born in some Canadian ethnic communities. They found that by the time a third child was born the male-to-female ratio for Indian-born mothers was as high as 136 boys for every 100 girls,” said Schouten.

An inspection of these findings led to an investigation by the CBC that aired in June. The study found that many women were abused and subsequently pressured into having an abortion if the sex of the pre-born child was found unfavourable.

Schouten says many Canadians recognize the need for federal abortion legislation and will support Warawa in his pursuit of Motion 408.
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  1. I worry that the primary lesson is being submerged here. Of course killing someone because of their sex is wrong, just as directing anything unfavourable or harmful towards someone for that reason is wrong. But surely the primary lesson here is that once one allows murder as a freely chosen option, then the pretexts for "legitimately" choosing it will do nothing but expand. It is a cruel and tragic irony that those who advocated for this murder in the name of women's advancement now see this expansion of pretexts being disproportionately applied to unborn women. It is quite wrong, though, to behave as if the moral wrongness of the act is primarily related to the sex of the murder victim. No pretext for murder is morally acceptable. And to assert by fiat that one pretext, such as a "right to choose" is morally acceptable is to open the floodgates to an ever increasing array of excuses for murder.


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