Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Corpus Christi College calling all women

Presentation on St. Thomas Aquinas will be held while men are at men's conference
St. Thomas Aquinas

The St. Thomas Aquinas Study Circle is inviting women to a discussion on "Aquinas and the Foundations of the Natural Law" Saturday, Oct. 27, at Corpus Christi College.

Event organizer Dr. Chris Morrissey, a professor at Redeemer Pacific College and a regular contributor to The B.C. Catholic, is inviting women to the event while their men attend "Man Alive" (a Catholic men's conference at the Centre for Performing Arts).

The discussion will focus on a book by Aquinas scholar Rose Mary Hayden Lemmons called Ultimate Normative Foundations: The Case for Aquinas’s Personalist Natural Law. Morrissey and Dr. David Klassen from Corpus Christi College will lead the discussion.

Organizers are asking that those interested meet in Corpus Christi's faculty room at 5935 Iona Drive, Vancouver, on the UBC campus. The discussion starts at 10 a.m.

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