Monday, October 29, 2012

A miracle leads to a lost limb and financial battle

David Jimenez
David Jimenez sues the church after the crucifix he cleaned in gratitude fell on his leg

Delia Jimenez recovered from cancer after he husband, David Jimenez, prayed daily to the crucifix outside St. Patrick’s Church in Newburgh, New York. David, upon this miracle, offered to clean the crucifix in thanks. Sadly, this goodwill gesture turned sour when the heavy marble statue fell off its pedestal and onto his leg. Doctors were forced to amputate below the knee.

Now, the father of two is suing the church for $3 million. He accuses the priest for negligence, expressing that the statue was unstable, and that permission should not have been given. While the family received donations from the church congregation, Jimenez’s lawyer, Kevin Kitson, explained that, “the insurance company for the diocese has made collecting additional money difficult.”

Read the complete story at Mail Online.

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