Thursday, September 27, 2012

Motion 312 reaction

Woodworth's motion gets unexpected support
Conservative MP Stephen Woodworth, author of Motion 312, holds a press conference
after the motion's defeat in the House of Commons.
The B.C. Catholic has Nathan Rumohr's and Deborah Gyapong's coverage of the Motion 312 vote and reaction:
As many pundits expected, Stephen Woodworth's Motion 312 was defeated in the House of Commons Sept. 26. However, many were surprised that the vote was not defeated by a bigger majority. The result was 203 against to 91 for, or just over 2 to 1.
MPs from all parties voted against the motion, including Prime Minister Stephen Harper and most of his cabinet.
While many of the motion's supporters were disappointed with the result, they saw a silver lining in how the motion has sparked a national debate on the rights of children in the womb.
Read Rumohr's story here and Gyapong's here.

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  1. On the bright side, some of Harper's cabinet ministers DID vote for the motion. Should Harper resign from politics, these people could step up to the leadership role, and we could see a change for the better at last.


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