Wednesday, September 19, 2012

CCCB throws support behind Motion 312

Many other groups sign declaration
Conservative MP Stephen Woodworth speaks to journalists Sept. 17 about Motion 312.
He said the volume of messages received through postcard campaigns has tested
the limits of the House of Commons postal service. Deborah Gyapong / CCN.
The B.C. Catholic website has a story by Deborah Gyapong about the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops joining many pro-life groups getting behind Motion 312:
The CCCB’s statement also complements a separate declaration signed by 60 high-profile groups and individuals in support of Woodworth’s private member’s motion that is scheduled for its second and final hour of debate Sept. 21.
“As the House of Commons prepares to debate Motion 312, the Bishops of Canada invite all members of the Parliament of Canada to take into full account the sacredness of the unborn child and each human life,” said CCCB President Archbishop Richard Smith of Edmonton in the Sept. 18 statement. “We also encourage Canadian Catholics, and all people of good will, to pray that our legislators be blessed with wisdom and courage to do what is best to protect and further the common good, which is based on respect for the human dignity of all.”
Archbishop Smith stressed the Church’s teaching on human life. “The Catholic Church holds that a human being comes into existence at conception,” he said. “The lives of human beings are, therefore, sacred at every stage in our existence -- from beginning to natural end.”
The CCCB’s statement issued Sept. 18 came out as The Declaration of Support for Parliamentary Study of Canada’s Legal Definition of “Human Being” was sent to Members of Parliament. The declaration was released to the public Sept. 19.
 Read the full story at The B.C. Catholic website.

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