Friday, August 24, 2012

LCWR myths exposed

National Catholic Register tells a different story about the liberal nuns

A photo of an unnamed nun professing support
for abortion is posted on Dan Burke's
blogpost on the National Catholic Register
Dan Burke, executive director of the National Catholic Register, shares his thoughts on the recent dispute between the Vatican and the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) in a recent blogpost on the Register's website. Burke says the nuns are not being attacked by Rome over doctrinal issues as reported by many in the mainstream media:
One of the great privileges of our work at the National Catholic Register is that we have the opportunity to counteract the distortion in the secular media that is often birthed out of the ranks of even those who claim to love God, the Church, and those in need. Yes, to be clear, there are many within the LCWR that do love and worship in spirit and truth. They are the many who are undervalued, mistreated and who still quietly give their lives away on a day-to-day basis.
Burke writes these "undervalued" nuns are often not supported by LCWR leadership, and are often suppressed:
We are aware of many who are suppressed by their very own leaders (those nice-sounding ladies you see at the press conferences who speak in soft, gentle, and peaceful tones of “dialogue” and "contemplation"). You heard me right. The surface claim that these women live in democratically ordered communities and that these communities are perfectly represented by the LCWR is, in fact, often not the case.
The post also lists several Register stories and opinion pieces regarding the issue. To read the whole post click here.

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