Monday, July 23, 2012

Group raises ethical issues about reproductive law

Two Christian groups urge government to address confusion left by Supreme Court decision
Don Hutchinson,  president and legal counsel of the Evangelical Fellowship of
Canada, addresses journalists after the Supreme Court of Canada struck down
portions of the Assisted Human Reproduction Act in Dec. 2010.
Deborah Gyapong / CCN.
The B.C. Catholic has an article by CCN's Deborah Gyapong about concerns raised by two Christian groups over the 2010 Supreme Court of Canada decision on the Assisted Human Reproduction Act:
The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (EFC) has asked the federal government to address the “staggering consequences” of the 2010 Supreme Court of Canada decision that struck down portions of the Assisted Human Reproduction Act (AHRA). 
“Areas of research that raise deep and significant ethical issues, including human embryonic research and the creation of animal-human hybrids, were to be regulated activities,” wrote EFC Vice President and Legal Counsel Don Hutchinson in a July 16 letter to Justice Minister Rob Nicholson and Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq.
“The Court has created confusion, and a virtual open season now exists in regard to certain aspects of human-animal genome experimentation and embryo importing, exporting, research, and destruction as a result of the decision deeming sections 10 and 11 of the Act, along with much of section 40, unconstitutional,” he said.
Read the full story at The B.C. Catholic website. 

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