Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pope reflects on 'ethical economy' for Europe

Polish University Centre studying Ratzinger letters, thoughts, ideas
The Pope talks to students at the Pontifical Ecclesiastical Academy on June 12, 2012. (Photo credit: L'Osservatore Romano) 
The Holy Father's legacy has expanded with the announcement of a new think tank in Bydgoszcz, Poland, dedicated to pondering his life's work. The think tank first covered how the Church approaches economic issues.

Tarcisio Bertone for L'Osservatore Romano, reports:
If the Church deals systematically with social and economic topics (as she has since Leo XXIII's Rerum Novarum); she does not do so because she possesses special economic skills but rather because she is an “expert in humanity”, as Paul VI liked to say.
The Church is not afraid to add her own voice to the great human questions on the truth about man and his future, which also include questions about the economy.
Human dignity and natural ethical norms, in the light of faith and reason, are the two “beacons” which, in the social magisterium and in the thought of Benedict XVI, illuminate the main route to take to operate correctly in today's complex world, offering trustworthy hope to men and women.
Read the whole article here.

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