Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Father Evanko brings Damien to life at HRC

Priest gives lively a lively performance about great saint
Father Edward Danylo Evanko as Damien.
Father Edward Danylo Evanko has performed as St. Damien since he became a priest in 2005. But his performance at Holy Rosary Cathedral was extra special for the former Broadway performer.
An aerial view of Damien from the balcony inside Holy
Rosary Cathedral.

"I've longed to present Damien in what I call my cathedral," Father Evanko said in a promotional video for the one man show. "When I say as Damien 'this is my cathedral this is where I was ordained' it will be a big tug at my heart."

Damien was performed on June 1 at Holy Rosary Cathedral in Vancouver. The show was presented by Redeemer Pacific College.

Father Edward Danylo Evanko (centre) with the Redeemer Pacific  chamber
choir receive applause for their performance of Damien

A close up of Father Edward Danylo Evanko as St. Damien. Father
Evanko has performed in the one man show since 2005.

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