Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Right now, rock star donates to N.J. food pantry

Sammy Hagar's generosity buys plenty of 'Poundcake' for Catholic food bank

Monsignor William Hodge (left) accepts a cheque from Sammy Hagar (centre), the "Red Rocker."       Photo credit: The Associated Press. 

The Associated Press reports that Hagar decided to take the advice of one of his hits with Van Halen. He donated some 'big fat money', $10,000, to St. Nicholas Church in Atlantic City, N.J.

He rose to fame after replacing Diamond David Lee Roth as singer of Van Halen in 1985. Now singing in the band, Chickenfoot, Hagar says his mission is two-fold: not only to rock hard, but to donate cash to food banks in each scheduled city on his current tour.
"The food pantries make the money go far," he commended. "They can get two-and-a-half meals out of a dollar. I want to help starving children."
Monsignor William Hodge is grateful for the donation, which he'll use to help the hundreds of people who come to the church's food pantry twice a week. Many recipients work low-wage jobs and don't have enough to eat.
"Some families come to us with six to eight children," Hodge revealed. "We'll make sure there's plenty of meat in their bags of groceries."
Read the full story here.

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