Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Beloved priest and influential college principal passes away

Excerpt from The B.C. Catholic

Father James Hanrahan, CSB, died today in Toronto at the age of 85. He was an accomplished academic, composer, and enthusiastic evangelist.

Father Hanrahan was the longest serving principal of St. Mark's at UBC, and was also known for his singing and hymn writing. He wrote 80 hymns, some of which were published. 

"Father Hanrahan contributed much to Vancouver through his work at St. Mark’s and Corpus Christi, and through his various prayer outreach groups,” said David Sylvester, longtime principal at St. Mark's and friend of Father Hanrahan's.

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  1. He was the sweetest kindest man ever! Always cheery and dancing on the tip of his toes and very energetic! I so loved him always humming and singing his cute little songs like Rocks of the Lord! And he always spoke so beautifully that he wanted everyone to understand even complex matters. He will be missed for sure.

  2. Father Hanrahan; always friendly, singing and teaching. He was my professor on St. Mark College, I remember him with gratitude and love.


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