Monday, January 23, 2012

A hard fought pro-life victory

After many prayers and actions abortion clinic in Rockford Illinois shuts its doors

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In 1978 Turner School was turned from a quaint Victorian structure in the heart of a small American town to a place death. However, after more than 20 years the school turned abortion mill has closed its doors.

The Northern Illinois Women’s Centre helped reduce the population of the town of Rockford and much of the state, was shut down due to health-facility violations. This was after years of lobbying for an inspection by pro-life activists.

The clinic founder Dr. Richard Ragsdale, who was once arrested on child pornography charges, was able to win a court settlement with the state of Illinois for lighter surgical standards for abortion clinics.

“Why it took so long boggles the mind,” said Rockford resident Patricia Bainbridge, chairwoman of the board of Human Life International and former director of the Diocese of Rockford’s Respect Life Office. “Why the state seems to protect these abortion mills and the media give them a pass is shocking. But I’m so thankful for all the people who were at that place, day after day, for years, praying and offering practical help for those women.”

The battle between the clinic and activists was fierce. Not only was the clinic protected by local media, the buildings owner Wayne Webster went out of his way to taunt the activists. When the clinic celebrated its 50 thousand abortion, Webster stuck a taunting sign in the window that read: “NIWC 50,000 JC 50.” Webster even went as far as dressing up in a devil costume and taunted protesters going as far to suggest picketer’s wives should receive free coat hangers.

Patience and prayer was what pro-life activists believe turned the tide. Rockford Bishop Thomas Doran gave permission to recite the prayer of infestation (exorcism not directed toward any individual) outside the clinic.

With the powers of prayer and persistence, business at the abortion mill went down and for now it will not reopen.
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