Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Burnaby candidate files human rights complaint

Charter Lau wants to stop the bullying

Burnaby Parents' Voice school board candidate Charter Lau and three supporters filed a Human Rights Complaint today in Vancouver to stop what they say is hate and bullying directed at the Burnaby's Asian communities since April.

"We need to protect all children and families from bullying and hate speech," Lau said. "As we have not seen any actions from the current Trustees to stop the hate speech, we are being proactive. 

Lau said attacks came against groups who protested the school district's anti-homophobia policy back in May.

"I need to remind everyone that a lot of hate speech and bullying has occurred because the current Burnaby Trustees did not follow BC's provincial standards for Codes of Conduct," he said. "They did not properly consult students, parents and staff in the development and review of codes of conduct, as required. As a result, parents, students and staff had to risk their safety by publicly asking questions, and are now living in fear."

Part of Parents' Voice's platform is to reassess the district's policies on bullying.


  1. ...and what about the human rights of the LGBTQ children to feel safe from bullying in their own schools? I guess yours are more important.

  2. no type of bullying is acceptable. its unfair and intolerant to all, to single out some for protection at the expense of others, and that's exactly what burnaby is doing.

  3. unfortunately for you, kids aren't LGBTQ, they are kids and shouldn't have hyper-sexualized bullying shoved down their throats. which is what the burnaby schools are doing.

    if burnaby was concerned with human rights, they'd stop bullying, period. that would save all from bullying. but the burnaby bill is a social engineering agenda and has nothing to do with making schools "safe"

  4. Im so glad you have filed a complaint maybe now you find out how off base you and the rest of your group is with human rights laws. I'm so proud to be a Burnaby resident who along with so many others voted to keep you and your kind out of office. Have you ever heard of the division between church and state?

  5. While I do not agree with hate directed at any group. What do you expect when you use words like abnormal, sinful, not equal when you describe same sex relationships. You look down your noses at LGBTQ. Its simple, do you think same sex relationships/marriages ought to be treated equal to heterosexual ones?
    Thats what Human Rights are all about, everyone being treated and respected equally.
    All your hyper-sexualized, gay recruiting, hidden agenda, social engineering, blah, blah, blah arguments have alraedy been heard by the courts, you lose.


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