Monday, September 5, 2011

Unexpected loss of Catholic channel

Salt + Light free preview ends on B.C. cable channels with no warning to customers

Some cable customers were caught off guard Sept. 1 when their Salt + Light Television channel faded to black. The Canadian Catholic TV network had worked with Canada's major cable providers to broadcast the channel free in August in conjunction with World Youth Day.

Unfortunately some Catholic customers were not aware that this was only a free preview. The Archdiocese of Vancouver received an email Sept. 2 from a Telus customer unhappy with the cancellation of service. The emailer was a low income pensioner who likely didn't see Brent Mattson's Aug. 16 post, which explained that it was a free preview.

The emailer did bring up a good point though. He said the free religious channels offered like Vision contain very little Catholic content.

However Salt + Light and EWTN can be viewed for free via each channel's website.

To view live streaming of Salt + Light click here.

To view live streaming of EWTN click here.
(This post was edited Sept. 6, 2011.)

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