Monday, July 4, 2011

Big Apple reaches for forbidden fruit

New York legislators rule against "bigotry," "prejudice," then allow it for religious groups

Once something is accepted in the Big Apple, it is, by definition, good and true ... or is it? That name, Big Apple, always seems to be a link to the Garden of Eden. We talk of Eve eating the apple in the garden, when we really mean she ate of the fruit of The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

Eve's action, followed by Adam's, in the garden led to immediate bad things for mankind. Will the action of the legislature in New York, voting to call something marriage which can never be marriage, do the same? Homosexual people celebrating in the streets on a Sunday, of all days, displayed some of the behaviours which are to be protected by the state. Note that normal people celebrating real marriage never think of incorporating lewd behaviour.

Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio of Brooklyn pointed out that framing the issue as "marriage equality" is untrue, because one of the main purposes of marriage is to work with God to create new humans, something homosexual couples cannot achieve on their own.

He pointed out, "Our political leaders do not believe their own rhetoric. If they did, how in good conscience could they carve out any exemption for institutions that would be proponents of bigotry and prejudice?"

The law which is about to be enacted includes exemptions for religious institutions.

Deacon Keith Fournier, writing in Catholic Online, bemoans the state of affairs, and likens it to the situation under Roman Emperor Nero, also, he says, overt in his homosexual relationships. Emperor Nero (or was it Valerian?) proclaimed the death sentence for all Christians, then offered Deacon Lawrence his life if he would turn over the gold and silver of the Church.

Deacon Lawrence gathered the poor, handicapped, and unfortunate of the city and presented them to the emperor as the gold and silver of the Church.

Of course Eve's action in the garden became the "O happy fault" which obtained for us so great a Redeemer. Can the actions legitimized by the legislators in New York provoke such feelings of loathing and disgust in normal people that they cry "Enough!"?

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