Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Canucks = God's team?

Are the Canucks hockey's most faithful team?
Vendors are selling this T-shirt outside of
Rogers Arena. Does this shirt reflect
the NHL's most faithful team?
Or is it just a cash-grab reflecting
a disrespect for Christianity?
Before every game Roberto Luongo makes the sign of the cross. If he wins another one usually follows.

Trevor Linden is known for his charitable works just as much as his great legacy.

And Dan Hamhuis attributes his good will to his saviour Jesus.

So it could be conceivable that after years of thanking the good Lord, Luongo and his team mates could be awarded hockey's highest honour, the Stanley Cup.

It would be a tad presumptuous for this blogger to claim a Holy connection with the province's favourite team. But the year so far has simply been divine. Every Canuck blunder over the last forty years has been replaced with restitution. A team once known as a bunch of losers in ugly Halloween costumes, has now been transformed into Stanley Cup favourites.

Mere coincidence? Or is there something greater at work here? If we look at the Canuck's history it paints a picture humility, dedication, and service.

"When you have a gift to make a difference, I really feel that it's your obligation to use it," Canuck hero Trevor Linden said in the Olympic edition of the B.C Catholic. Hockey's patron saint for heart is a relatively new Catholic, being baptized in 2004. However Linden has been doing great acts of charity in B.C for as long as he has called Vancouver his home.

It's this type of attitude that encompasses Linden and many other Canucks. The organization as a whole has championed many charitable initiatives, staying consistent even with ownership changes.

Canuck Place stands as the crown jewel of the team's service to the community. Many Canucks frequent the house in Shaughnessy with rumours of Linden even going to visit on his down time.

This act of charitable service always dumbfounded me as to why the Canucks, who give so much of themselves on and off the ice were never rewarded with the NHL's highest honour. Whatever it was I think CBC's Jim Hughson called the turning point to it when Alex Burrows scored in overtime against the Blackhawks. Hughson exclaimed after the goal; "it's a good night for an exorcism!"

Since then it appears the evil that hindered the Canucks for so long has been vanquished. Assisted by a little heavenly help perhaps.


  1. "A team once known as a bunch of losers in ugly Halloween costumes, has now been transformed into Stanley Cup favourites." that sums it up in a nutshell LOL

  2. And for all the victories the Canucks achieve, BC residents should take in humbly and be thankful to God!

    And, yes, even for the defeats!

  3. I loved those old yellow rugged V's when I was a kid. I still love them. But the new (old) ones are better. Though I'd like to see the Flying V's pulled out for a throwback game or two!


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