Monday, May 9, 2011

Relocation inspiration

Fifty-three is enough says archbishop

In 1958, a number of Vancouver archdiocesan offices opened their doors in the red brick building at the corner of Robson and Cambie Streets. Now, Archbishop J. Michael Miller says it's time for the offices to find a new home so the building at 150 Robson is on the market.
Catholic Charities Mens Hostel
Plans are underway to find a new location while a major consideration is continuing to provide accommodation for the hundred men who each night bed down at the Catholic Charities Men's Hostel on the building's third floor.
Archbishop Miller has vowed that "The Church's ministry to the homeless will continue."
Hostel services, he said, will be "an important consideration in the changes being made."
Stay tuned for further developments.
Anyone interested in more information on the sale of the building should contact Arnold Fenrick at 

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