Friday, May 6, 2011

Double Treat for BC Catholic readers

Two special supplements in the May 9 issue of The B.C. Catholic

VOCATIONS 2011 special supplement: Read about upcoming ordinations in the archdiocese, live-ins at the Seminary of Christ the King and about a traveling vocations monstrance. Read why Father Joseph Nguyen, Vocations director for the Archdiocese, thinks that "Vocations are everyone's business." There are two inspiring stories about the missions in Canada. A young woman, who was "Sleepless in Vancouver airport for a night" on her way to visit a Benedictine Abbey in Colorado, talks about the beauty of contemplative life.

Special supplement on the BEATIFICATION OF POPE JOHN PAULs II: Read about the Mass at Holy Rosary Cathedral, celebrating Pope John Paul's beatification May 1. Read about James and Alfreda Nahanee recalling the special privilege they had in 1984 to present gifts to Pope John Paul at the Mass in Abbotsford. Excerpts from the homily given by Archbishop J. Michael Miller, CSB, are also featured in this section.

Please see The B.C. Catholic website for a special Electronic Section of news stories and first-hand reaction from the beatification in Rome. (See last week's E-Section for coverage leading up to the event. This week we have 10 new stories).

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