Thursday, May 26, 2011

Catholics vote NDP?

Vancouver Sun exit poll raises eyebrows

The Vancouver Sun's religion columnist Douglas Todd wrote a story about exit poll results from the May 1 Federal Election, which stated 39 per cent of Catholics voted NDP while 30 per cent voted Conservative.

The May 9 story, "How religion split the federal vote," also says that Conservatives earned the vote of more than 50 percent of Jews and Protestants.

The poll, which surveyed 36,000 Canadians, also asked how immigrants voted, showing that 41 per cent of immigrants living Canada less than 10 years voted NDP, while 43 per cent those here more than 10 years voted NDP.

These results are interesting to look at after reading Deborah Gyapong's post-election story "Catholics make noise in election: Voting results may show divide between English and French" in The B.C. Catholic.


  1. Can the figure tell how many Catholics voted for the Christian Heritage party?

  2. The figure doesn't list the smaller parties, but since 19,218 people in total voted for the CHP, the number of Catholics that voted for them would be less than that.


  3. Catholics who vote for the abortion party should not receive Holy Communion.


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