Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Catholic and proud of it

Michael Coren explains why Catholics are right

The National Post published an excerpt from Catholic TV personality Michael Coren's new book "Why Catholics are Right."

In the excerpt he says that anti-Catholicism has become the last acceptable form of prejudice in society.

He also said that the Catholic Church is the only logical alternative to "a culture where various forms of religious and atheistic fundamentalism, crass materialism and clawing decadence eat away at civility and civilization."

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  1. Yes, so-called "Oppression Olympics" get us nowhere.

    But you play the game! your racism shows when you blame him for his skin colour, your sexism shows when you blame him for his sex, and when you damn him for being cis and hetero. (His "errors" of thought and stance contributed to the oppression - your oppression - of free thought and acceptance.) PLEASE!

    your attack proves, yet again, the acceptance of anti-catholicism. you feel comfortable saying these things and damning him for not believing in your gender fascism!

    What if a female from a minority said this? What would your comment be? try giving one. try universalizing things, instead of looking through your gender-biased prism.


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