Tuesday, March 22, 2011

REAL Women intervene in safe injection site case

REAL Women of Canada has been granted leave to intervene before the Supreme Court of Canada in the Vancouver drug injection site case to be argued May 11.

The pro-family, pro-life women’s organization is the only group among nine interveners that will argue on behalf of the federal government’s position that Ottawa has the responsibility to control illegal drugs and that those laws should have a moral basis.

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  1. This a very good thing that REAL Women of Canada is doing. My comment seems silly but the reaction boxes: funny, interesting or cool, are really not good options based on what most of the material in the blog is. I mean, what is cool? Most of these posts are not funny so we're left with interesting. I'm sure most posts are interesting or why post them? Like or dislike works. Anyway, think about it. Thanks.


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