Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dr. Bernard Nathanson, pro-life hero

Dr. Bernard Nathanson, who died Tuesday at 84, probably contributed more to the building of America's abortion culture than any other person, and he spent the last part of his life trying to amend for it.

Nathanson estimated he was responsible for some 75,000 abortions, performing 5,000 of them himself. But when ultrasound technology changed his mind about abortion, he became one of the pro-life movement's most outspoken voices, revealing that much of today's pro-abortion propaganda was actually fabricated by him.

Father Raymond de Souza writes that in 1996, Nathanson, an atheist Jew, "was baptized into the same Catholic Church that he had once devoted his prodigious talents to demonizing. When asked why he chose to become Catholic, he said that no religion emphasized the possibility of forgiveness as he found it in the Catholic Church."

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