Monday, February 21, 2011

Abortion and the Liberal leaders, Part 2

Liberal leadership contenders Clark, Abbott, Falcon, De Jong
Ted Gerk at Stop Abortion Censorship is trying to find out how many abortion complications take place in the province. Unfortunately, just like B.C.'s abortion stats, the government won't divulge that information either.

Gerk asks the poignant question: "If this censorship and refusal to hold to account of Vancouver's abortion clinics is allowed to continue," how long will it be until something like the horrific Gosnell case erupts in Canada.

How would we even know?

So here's the next question to B.C.'s Liberal leadership contenders prior to Saturday's vote to choose the next premier: "Is there possibly any argument that anyone can muster that would defend the notion that citizens in a democracy are forbidden in knowing what complications are associated with a medical procedure, paid for with their tax dollars?"

Christy Clark, George Abbott, Kevin Falcon, Mike de Jong...anyone?

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