Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Updates from Haiti

Msgr. Gregory Smith of West Vancouver sends some e-mails received from Sister Lorraine Malo in Haiti. Here are portions:
"Yes, the tragedy in Haiti is beyond words. Our new hospital in Tabarre suffered big structural damage and every wall is cracked but it did not collapse, thank God. The other building, the old hospital, which I lived in for six years is totally destroyed. One volunteer and her brother who was visiting from the States are not yet accounted for so please pray for them.
"Mary Alban got word out that she is okay. She is attending a conference in the north of Haiti and that is likely what saved her. The word is that the street she lives in is completely gone!
"I don't think we can even imagine the chaos that is happening there now. All we can do is pray. If I were not booked for Vancouver, I would ask to return and do what I can." (Sr. Lorraine is planning to come to Vancouver to do some ministry in the Downtown East Side.)
"Rosemary Fry (one of our Sisters) is already here having left Haiti two days before the tragedy hit and Mary Alban is safe and sound in the north of Haiti. We just got word that the Archbishop of P au P., Serge Miot, is
among the dead. A really nice man who was very pastoral.
"One of our young volunteers was in the old hospital when it collapsed - she is critical but stable at the moment. Her young brother who was visiting her at the time was found dead, so it is very sad for that family... They are trying to airlift her and her brother's body to the U.S. today. I feel so darned helpless. Please pray for the poor people."

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