Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Wrapping

As you may know, parishes in the Archdiocese of Vancouver are adding parishioners to their subscription list as the archdiocese moves toward having half of Catholic homes receiving the archbishop's paper.
One pastor, who I'll call Father Christmas, was adding names to the subscription list and decided he'd sample parishioners' views of the paper at the same time. Well, the results of the survey have landed on my desk, and it's not exactly gold, frankincense and myrrh.
There were three responses (it's a small parish), and they ranged from tepid to withering. "How about some new writers," said one parishioner, who added that certain of the newspaper's hacks, including yours truly, suffer from "an overbearing smugness, lack of humility and elitism that does nothing to bring a sense of the rich diversity of God's Vatican II Church."
The comments go on: "Did I say, joyless, humourless, self righteous, one sided reporting...?"
Now I know what the journalistic equivalent of a lump of coal is.


  1. Statistics 101: Sampling error.

    Sometimes it's hard to be humble.

  2. I love the B.C. Catholic and all its writers. There isn't one writer whom I refuse to read (unlike other Catholic papers.) Sometimes I don't agree, but that's due to a legitimate difference in opinion (and not to something like "women can be priests") May God continue to bless your newspaper, and don't discourage.


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