Friday, December 11, 2009

The Bay says 'nay'

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas downtown, but something seems to be missing...what could it be...what could it be. Oh, yes, it's the life-size Nativity scene that's normally in the southeast window of The Bay on Georgia Street.
Now The Bay is understandably focussed on the upcoming Winter Olympics, so it's not a big surprise that its windows are full of Team Canada uniforms. Who can begrudge the store its title of 2010 Winter Olympic Games Superstore. Trouble is, several of the windows have humdrum, even tacky, non-Olympic displays that don't look much different than what you'd find at any other department store, complete with sparkling silver trees, and even a reindeer or two. One window has nothing but a banner. We called The Bay and asked them about the Nativity. They told us head office in Toronto tells them what to put in the windows and this year they haven't said Nativity. Head office's phone number is 1-866-746-7422, and click here to send an e-mail.
Now a visit over to the outdoor skating rink at Robson Square was a refreshing change. The busy venue was full of skaters circling the rink to the sounds of actual Christmas carols, including Away in a Manger.

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