Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Pornography addiction wounds human dignity

God's gift of sexuality 'poisoned' for those who tune in to Internet images
Jake Khym, an Abbotsford counsellor, helps people with pornography addictions.
An addiction to Internet pornography can prove destructive to a marriage. The B.C. Catholic's Nathan Rumohr reports on the growing epidemic:
"For Pope John Paul II, the very intent and method of pornography is not to reveal the whole truth and dignity of the person, only to over-accentuate the sexual values, such that the person is lost," explained Father Alan Boisclair, coordinator of the Archdiocese of Vancouver's Theology of the Body office. 
"Not only is the other person stripped and dehumanized, which is the specific sin of the 'lustful look' forbidden by the Ninth Commandment, but pornography becomes an addictive obsession.
"We would use the term epidemic to describe the situation," said Peter White, an Abbotsford counsellor who specializes in sex and pornography addictions.
Read the full article here.

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