Friday, June 8, 2012

Judge judges God

'Your God is wrong' says judge to anti-abortion activist

While convicting a pro-life activist for entering a Toronto area abortion clinic and ministering to patients in the waiting room on Nov. 8, 2011, Justice S. F. Clements told Mary Wagner, a devout Catholic, that God is wrong about abortion.

According the National Post, the judge said:
“If you think you (Wagner) have some higher moral authority that allows you to break [the] rule of law, that allows you to go to that clinic, to allow you to disregard the rights of other people to use that clinic, to disrespect those people, then you are wrong, and your God is wrong, because no God would tolerate that.”
"She sure wouldn’t like it if somebody was standing on her doorstep everyday pushing her around. If I had the power to do that, that is what I would do. I would have somebody in her face every day, go and rattle her door. How would she like that?”
Wagner has a lengthy criminal record for protesting abortion in Toronto and Vancouver. She told the judge this sentencing will not stop her from continuing to fight for the unborn. This prompted the judge to say:
“You are going to go to jail.”
I will admit that Wagner's "disrespect" for the law may have pushed this judge over the edge, but why is it judges across the country find a way to put the hammer down on abortion protesters but never for sex-offenders or petty criminals?

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