Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Young people will not be marginalized in Spain

WYD a way for young Catholics to feel accepted, often alienated at Church according to bishop

Church can sometimes be an unwelcoming place for younger people. Especially late teens and young adults. The youth seem to have a different way of conducting themselves from the elder church goers, who find it difficult to comprehend. Which is why World Youth Day's are so important to young people according to a high ranking bishop.

"Young people can find themselves in a lot of local churches on the margin of things," said Archbishop Joseph W. Tobin, secretary of the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life. "A lot of (old) people don't speak their language, and treat them as if they just descended from Mars."

Archbishop Tobin believes the events of WYD bring youth together where they won't feel marginalized. Together with their own peers they are free to ponder God's call.

"Then within that they also meet young people who have entered into the dialogue we all have to have with our Creator, asking, 'What would you have me do?'" the vocations archbishop said, as recorded by CNS reporter Cindy Woodson.

Those encounters with those contemplating the religious life will help young Catholics realize the joys of being Christ's servants, according to archbishop Tobin.

The archbishop believes young people need to be asked to join the priesthood or religious life, believing some of the techniques used do not challenge them.

"World Youth Day is a way to ask."

Archbishop Tobin said Jesus doesn't use a hard sell. Referencing the Gospel of John, Tobin says Jesus appeals to what motivates people.

"What are you looking for?' If you think you can find it with me, come and have a look.' So the hook comes at the end, when Jesus says, 'Follow me."

The archbishop believes the sex abuse scandals had many Catholics mad and running away from the Church.

"And yet, there are still young people who are running toward it. It's the crazy logic of losing your life to save it."

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