Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Quebec needs lots of prayers

Group of pro-life advocates denied access to Montreal basilica

Crossroads Canada group posing for a picture in Vancouver
with Archbishop J. Michael Miller, CSB
Persecution of the Catholic Church in Canada is nothing new. But in what was one of the most Catholic provinces in the country, the persecution has reached almost tyrannical levels.

A couple weeks ago administration of  Notre Dame Basilica in Montreal would not allow a group of anti-abortion advocates to enter with their pro-life t-shirts on. Blogging for Crossroads Canada, John D'Agostino, described how his group of pro-life campaigners were told to be silent on abortion.

"We had to take off our 'Pro Life' shirts if we wanted to enter," Agostino said wrote on August 4. "We were in complete and utter shock."

Group leader Michael Hayden went to talk to the priest, hoping to understand the reason why his group of Catholics couldn't express a Christian truth.

Notre Dame Basilica, Montreal, Quebec
"The priest said that it was a 'political issue' and didn't want us to offend any pro-choice people who maybe taking a tour of the basilica," Ambrose wrote.

Michael Hayden wrote on August 9 that the priest did let the group pray in front of the Blessed Sacrament for a brief period of time. He stated everything reported in Life Site News about Quebec and the Catholic Church is true.

Life Site News has been following Quebec's decay for Catholicism for a few years now.

In 2008 the Quebec government mandated that all students in the province must take a program called "Ethics and Religious Culture." The program is non optional and requires students in public, private, home school to complete the program before graduation. The controversial mandate begins at grade one and teaches children about the major religions, establishing them as equal, this includes the lifestyle of atheism. It also requires students to assess their own religious beliefs before being fully formed in them.

Along with the forced instruction of different religions, the program teaches students about different lifestyles in regards to homosexuality.

However the most disturbing observations from the Crossroads Canada group was the mass availability of abortions in Montreal.

"There are somewhere around twenty abortion facilities in the city," wrote Ambrose. Montreal alone is responsible for nearly 20,000 of the 100,000 abortions performed in Canada each year."

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  1. OUCH! I can't believe that! Afraid of offending pro-choice tourists who may be sightseeing through the Cathedral??
    TOTALLY ABSURD!! What next?

    H van Stellingewerff,


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