Friday, July 22, 2011

Pro-Life, Pro-Funk

Former Commodores guitarist in Abbotsford

Thomas "Mr. Brickhouse" McClarly, a founding member of funk balladeers the Commodores, will be performing a house concert Aug 5 hosted by Abbotsford Right to Life.

Tickets are $50 with all proceeds going to Abbotsford Right to Life.

McClarly was the Commodore's lead guitarist during their hit-making heyday in the 1970's and currently has a solo gospel album out.

His nickname comes from one the Commodores' biggest hits, but maybe he should change it to "Mr. Machine Gun," since he's likely to blow the audience away.

Tickets can be purchased by emailing or phoning 604-832-6311.

The performance is at 37720 Dawson Rd. in Abbotsford.

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