Monday, July 18, 2011

"Father Firewall" to be ordained "Blogging Bishop"

Archdiocese of Montreal welcomes youngest bishop in Canada

Father Thomas Dowd, 40, first Catholic priest in Canada to start a blog, will soon to be the youngest bishop in Canada and the second youngest in the world.

He and Father Christian L├ępine will be ordained an auxiliary bishops for the Archdiocese of Montreal at Mary, Queen of the World Cathedral Sept. 10.

Father Dowd has been blogging for eight years and headed the project to get the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops on the Web in the 1990s.

As auxiliary bishop, one of his duties will be shepherding the archdiocese's 250,000 English-speaking Catholics who have not had their own bishop since Bishop Anthony Mancini became the Archbishop of Halifax four years ago.

See a story on The B.C. Catholic website for more on the July 11 bishop appointments.

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