Friday, June 17, 2011


People write on walls, stick notes on police car with messages for Vancouver after riot
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Hundreds of Vancouverites and visitors to the city have filled a police car parked on Granville Street with sticky notes containing thank you messages for the Vancouver Police Department for their response to the June 15 riot. Reaction to the handling of the situation by police has been mixed.  Some people have been critical of what they believe was lack of police presence especially during the looting of several businesses downtown.
The police car was transported via truck to a different location this morning.

The boarded up windows of The Bay in downtown Vancouver continue to be filled with messages of love and support for Vancouver, as well as messages of outrage for the violence and destruction during the riot. It all started on the morning of June 16 when people started writing messages on one wall with a huge handpainted "On Behalf of my team and my city, I'm Sorry!" sign. The plywood boards all around The Bay continue to be filled with messages including the words to Oh Canada written on colourful paper.
Marianne Werner (top photo), Guest Advocate at the Catholic Charities Men's Hostel
is seen here writing a message on The Bay's "Wall of Love" or "Great Wall of Vancouver"

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