Thursday, June 16, 2011

Adding injury to insult

Riot erupts following Canucks loss
What remains of a car set ablaze during the riot.
Photo by Nathan Rumohr / The B.C. Catholic

As if Vancouverites didn't have enough to feel bad about.

Following the Vancouver Canuck's defeat to the Boston Bruins in last night's Stanley Cup Finals, acts of violence and destruction erupted in the streets of downtown Vancouver.

Vancouver Police Chief Jim Chu gave a press conference this morning where he blamed the majority of the destruction on "criminals, anarchists, and thugs."

“There was a group of people that were criminals and anarchists that were bent on causing that destruction,” he said. “They came prepared – they had incendiary devices, they had weapons, they had a plan, they had objectives.” 

The police made close to 100 arrests last night and intend to make more, as people continue to contribute pictures identifying perpetrators.

“We are fully committed to tracking down these criminals, and arresting them for their crimes,” he said. 

Crowd gathered around George St. June after the Stanley
Cup Finals. Photo by Nathan Rumohr / The B.C. Catholic
The VPD has requested people with photos or video of the riots submit them to help with the investigation. Photos can be sent to

"Hang on to that footage; there's no other time in history where there's more cameras out there so it's going to be of use," VPD Constable Jana McGuinness said.

Mayor Gregor Robertson and Premier Christy Clark both toured downtown in the aftermath of the riot today. The mayor said last night will not deter the city from holding big celebrations in the future.

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