Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Iraq Christians return to Nineveh

Kurdish Peshmerga fighters take back Bashiqa
Pershmerga fighters examine Al Tamera Syriac Catholic parish in Qaraqosh, Iraq after liberating the city from Islamic State. (Photo Credit: Father Roni Momika)
The Islamic State has controlled the city of Qaraqosh, Iraq, for two years. On Nov. 7, Reuters reported Kurdish Pershmerga fighters have taken back the city.

Christian liturgy has been celebrated in the Church of Mar Korkeis, marking the first time such religious activities were allowed since the town was seized in August 2014.
Refugees are eager to return to their homes, but Kurdish Peshmerga Brigadier General Mahram Yasin warned of leftover explosives and mines. "We want people to be patent and not to return here until we completely clear the area, as we want to ensure their safety," he told Reuters.
 For more information, view the Catholic News Agency article here.

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