Wednesday, August 3, 2016

WYD Trek: TNG -- Day 16

'Czech' this place out

This clock is located in Prague's Old Town Square, in the aptly named Old Town Quarter.
 Prague's Old Town Square. The clock is to the left of the photo.

Our group of pilgrims reached the Czech Republic capital of Prague today. A beautiful city filled with statues and small shops, we went to visit the Klementinum library in the Jesuit university.

It holds many rare and ancient books. It is also home to a magnificent fresco featuring symbolism from the Old Testament, New Testament, and Greek mythology.

Afterwards, we walked around the beautiful city of Prague. Each unique building looked like it had its own story. We ended the day to wander back home, led by pilgrim Nick Provenzano's trusty navigational skills.

Another day, another adventure. Till tomorrow faithful readers! God bless.

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