Tuesday, July 26, 2016

WYD Trek: TNG -- Day 8

Just around the river bend

World Youth Day pilgrims pilot kayaks within the river that forms the centre of the port
city Gdansk. While most Polish cities have a central square, Gdansk instead uses the river
banks as a center for the city. (Credit: Josh Tng.)
Kayaking is hard.

As we took to the waters to tour the city of Gdansk from its central river, I realized something very important: I am not very good at kayaking.

The sights were beautiful, but I was unable to enjoy them as I blundered the kayak into walls and other kayaks, narrowly dodging larger ships sailing down the channel.

My kayaking partner, Victoria, did her best to steer, but with the manifestation of a blind rhinoceros pushing the boat along, there was little she could do.

At the end of the kayaking trip however, we managed to get to end of the bank. Arms aching, clothes wet, I thanked the Lord for leading us to solid ground.

Kayaking is fun, but I definitely need to brush up on my skills.

Tomorrow, we will be traveling to Krakow, which is the main site of World Youth Day. There most likely won't be a blog tomorrow as a result. So until next time we meet, I'll see you all from Krakow!


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