Sunday, July 31, 2016

WYD Trek: TNG -- Day 13.5

A walk to remember

Canadian pilgrims from Vancouver and Polish pilgrims from Gdansk walk together
towards the camping grounds where they will stay the night.
More than two million pilgrims gather for a vigil Mass July
 30, in Krakow. The Mass was celebrated in five languages.
As the sun beat down on a great sea of pilgrims -- for a five-kilometre trek in the Krakow heat -- we turned to the Rosary for energy.

Along the way, I saw many heartwarming instances of human spirit, a stark contrast to the history of Auschwitz. I saw an old man splashing sun-baked pilgrims with a hose. A family filled water for thirsty pilgrims. Another offered basins to wash with.

These touches of kindness and love touched my heart. The walk had its hardships, but it offered a view on the kindness of humanity, while allowing the pilgrims to offer their suffering to the Lord.

We were walking to a green field south of Krakow to camp out. As we walked, I tried to remember the positive aspects of life. This trip has taught me the me the lesson the Holy Father gave, that mercy given to others is mercy given to yourself.

After reaching the site, we went to Mass before passing out blissfully. Tomorrow the Holy Father speaks.

God bless!

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