Tuesday, April 5, 2016

China's Catholics worried about potential betrayal from Rome

China's six million 'illegal' Catholics cautious of thaw between Vatican and Beijing
Villagers attend an underground Palm Sunday service in Youtong villager, Shijiazhuang. (Photo Credit: Adam Dean/The Telegraph)
With an unrecognized congregation, Catholics in China face much discrimination due to their religion. Forced to worship in "house churches", congregations gather for two hours, singing hymns and clasping their hands in prayer.

Though the Vatican is communicating with China for the purpose of having Beijing recognize the illegal church, the terms the government are promoting are akin to betrayal, say many Chinese Catholics.
"It's possible that Rome may betray us," said Father Dong Baolu to the Telegraph before celebrating Mass. "If that happens, I will resign. I won't join a Church which is controlled by the Communist Party. We are suffering like Jesus on the cross. We fight for religious freedom and follow the Gospel - but we are not supported by either Rome or China."
One of Beijing's terms is to be able to control any recognized church, primarily by appointing its hierarchy. While some official bishops that were appointed by Beijing were excommunicated by the Vatican, there are signs that Rome may be willing to compromise. Pope Francis has "publicly praised China and voiced the hope that he will visit the country," says the Telegraph.

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