Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Iraqi seminarians show spiritual dedication

These seminarians are being ordained - in a refugee camp
The four Iraqi seminarians. (Photo Credit: Remi Monica, second from left)
After their seminary in Qaraqosh was decimated by ISIS in 2014, four Iraqi seminarians persevered on their path towards priesthood.

A year and a half after the attack that uprooted them from their homes, the four men were ordained deacons at a church in an Erbil refugee camp March 19.

"People want hope, and when they see that there are four young people who will become deacons and after a few months they will be priests, that will give them hope and the power to stay," Remi Marzina Momica told CNA March 17.
The four young men finished their studies at the Al-Sharfa Seminary in Harissa, Lebanon. As Syriac Catholics, they returned to Iraq for their ordination.

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